February 2022

Experience Exhibition

Recently I have collaborated with seven other peers on my course to organize an independent exhibition that explores the concept of experience within each of our practices. The exhibition is a portrayal of a range of individual forms of experience that each artist illustrates through their artwork. Our experiences are personal and unique to each other, and our creations highlight a range of involvements, from immersive to layered, embodied to spiritual. We aim to offer an insight into matters that each artist is passionate about, collectively bringing these experiences together in an engaging and inspiring display, based within the Litten Tree Building in Coventry, UK. It will be open to the public everyday from 12pm until 4pm between 23rd and 29th March.

May 2021

Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Exhibition

Recently, my work "Listener" has been curated into the 2021 exhibition of the Self Portrait Prize. This is a huge honor which has allowed me to have my work be displayed in the stunning and historic Coventry Cathedral along with many other shortlisted and highly acclaimed works. I am excited to be able to take part in this event and involve myself further in Coventry’s city of culture celebrations. The exhibition will continue until the 29th of June with free admission, and I encourage anyone in the area to visit!

July 2020

Neuron Cover

I was given the opportunity to publish my work as cover art for Neuron magazine in the July issue of 2020 (Volume 107, Issue 1). This was in association with the article Macrophages Expressing GALC Improve Peripheral Krabbe Disease by a Mechanism Independent of Cross-Correction led by Nadav Weinstock. The painting is an acrylic on canvas representing a nerve from a globoid cell leukodystrophy patient that did not receive HSCT and shows a Schwann cell containing degenerating myelin (black, top right), two globoid cells with lipid crystals (bottom), and profound fibrosis (collagen brown dots).

April 2020

CU Fine Art: Spring Exposition

The end of my first semester at Coventry University left me and my classmates trying to make up for the time taken from us as we scrambled to finish our pieces and submit them. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the inevitable closing of schools, we had less time than planned to finish all our artwork, and even worse, the end of year exhibition had been cancelled. To lift our spirits, we decided to hop on the bandwagon of virtual exhibitions with our very own, appropriately naming it: "What Might Have Been."